Here we are!

Where to start?  Well, I’m Dana.  I’m the cute blond one in the picture below. The guy I am with is the love of my life, AJ. We have been dating for 8 years now and just a month ago we got engaged!  When we talked about putting together a website for our friends and family, we weren’t sure what to do.  Go to one of the many wedding websites? Buy our own domain name?  Then I had the brilliant idea to do it in blog form.  This way we could keep everyone up to date with information as we planned, the trials and tribulations that we encounter, and share pictures of our adventures. Plus we would have a forum for all of our wonderful people to share their ideas and advice.

I am sure you are wondering what you can expect to find here.  Well, to start off with we will both share our stories with you.  How we met, our first date and how he proposed.  We will share our experiences so far and the many more to come.  We are looking forward to your feedback, advice and comments.



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One Response to Here we are!

  1. Jack says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! Tony FINALLY said YES?????


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