Lifes little ups and downs

Things have gotten a bit interesting around the Schaeffer/Stavana household lately. I don’t know if it was blown in by the recent winds or what. What I do know is that wedding planning is helping me to learn to “just let some things go”. Most of you know that I am a pretty easy going person but when it comes to party planning, I plan every little detail. Well, the first hiccup in the wedding planning process has gone and thrown me for a loop. We are without a reception location at the moment.
The Forster Mansion was a beautiful location and super close to the church, which was a bonus. Due to their proximity to a retirement home as well as a neighbor who is located directly behind the venue, there have been multiple noise complaints. This led to the San Juan City Council revoking their original permit to hold events and issuing a temporary permit that is only good until March of 2010. They are currently working with the City Council to have that permit extended through the end of 2010. That puts us in a bind. If for some reason they are not issued a permit, we are 3 months out from our wedding date and no reception venue, no caterer, no nothing. So, we regretfully took our deposit back and are currently looking for a new venue. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful in suggesting new locations. We are currently interviewing a few different venues and will hopefully have news soon!

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