How he proposed, Part 1

I know many of you have waited for this post.  I have decided to share my version of how we met and the proposal while we wait – *hint hint* – for AJ’s version.

Once upon a time, in land far far away in a town known to some as San Juan Capistrano, a blond girl with her arm stuck in a sling met a boy throwing a party while his dad was away in Japan.  The fair-haired maiden, who had recently had reconstructive surgery on her shoulder, went to a party with her very good friend Francine.  There they talked and mingled and drank “sodas” all night long.  The boy and the girl talked very briefly that night, laughing at the note his dad left on the oven.  The note may have included:

              No parties, the neighbors are watching.  If you do throw a party, you won’t get your allowance.

             Jake, you are grounded.  You can only go to the desert to go riding. 

              Don’t drink my beers.  I counted them and spit in all of them.

The boy went back to San Francisco and finished up his first year away at college.  That would have been the end of it, but just a few months later the boy returned home and met up with Francine and the now red-haired girl for another party at another friends house.  They spent the night talking and laughing and knew they started something very special.  Of course it took the boy another month and a half to get up the courage to have his good friend ask the girl out for him.  They went to the fair and the rest is history.

Eight years later, AJ and I were getting ready to celebrate another anniversary together.  AJ has always been a big fan of “grand gestures” . One year it was a scavenger hunt around south Orange County put on by his alter ego “Big Tony”.  While another year he blindfolded me and took me to Glen Ivy Hot Springs and Spa.  Needless to say, I knew I was in for something special.  The morning began with my gift to AJ. As long as I can remember, AJ had been talking about how cool the Tiffany Atlas collection was.  When he woke up I pulled out the box and had Lola “give him” his present, the Atlas ring.


We then got on our way. We started off at the Ritz Carlton for breakfast overlooking the ocean. Both AJ and I  were delighted to see an italian version of eggs Benedict.  Prosciutto and pesto Hollandaise heaven!
AJ and his present
Our view for breakfast

Before we go on, you need to understand one fundamental difference between AJ and myself. He loves being surprised where I love surprises so I can figure them out. This drives him nuts. So as we started driving along for the rest of our fun-filled day, I had to guess everything. And I am pretty good at it too, it drove him crazy that I was guessing everything we were going to do. We were headed to the Sawdust Festival, a local showcase for artists in Laguna Beach. But before we headed in, we stopped off at Pure Light Candles, a “Make your own candle” store and made our “Love Candle”.

Our next stop was Tommy Bahama’s for lunch and pineapple mojitos followed by a quick stop in to Sprinkles for cupcakes. After that we stopped at the Newport Beach Vespa to try and grab me a t-shirt. What we forgot was that it was Monday and the dealerships are closed. This picture out front had to tide me over.


Then AJ got really weird. He kept saying that we were going to be late. But then was saying we needed to go home and feed the dog, but it was only 2:30pm. He passed our exit to get off the freeway. And the next one and the next one. He got off at Ortega highway and headed towards he church. We parked in the lot and he suggested that we stop by and say hi to the youth minister since we both volunteer with the youth community at the church. Jaymes wasn’t there so he suggested that we head over to the old mission. Neither of us had been there in a while even though we spend quite a bit of time right next door. We wandered the mission for a bit, taking pictures. AJ seemed to be sweating a bit more than was called for on that afternoon. I asked him more than once if he was okay. He just told me that it was a warm day and he was fine.
At some point I left him for a few minutes and he was talking to strangers. This, if you know AJ,is not unusual at all. He makes friends where ever he goes. I paid no attention this, although I guess I should have. I was a little more concerned with the mini panic attack he seemed to be having. We made our way over to the fountain in the center of the courtyard and AJ started talking to me. What he said, I am not entirely sure of. What I do remember is him crying and me asking him “what are you doing?” Yes, I waited eight years for him to propose and I respond with “what are you doing?” Of course I said yes and the rest is history.



As some of you know, when AJ proposed there happened to be a photographer there taking another couple’s engagement photos.  She got off a few great shots of AJ crying like little girl – he was so cute! We actually ened up booking her as our wedding photographer, check out her work at Blue Skys Studios


The day was perfect and wonderful!

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2 Responses to How he proposed, Part 1

  1. Dad says:

    Congratulations! Again!

    (wait a minute……. a party? with alcohol? while I was in Japan????)

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