A-registering we will go!

With my bridal shower looming in the distance, I thought I would share our registering experience with everyone! Not too long ago AJ and decided we should have a little fun with this whole wedding thing. Namely picking out presents for other people to buy us.  Please don’t get me wrong, that is not the point of getting married, but shopping with “pretend money” is a great way to relax while under the stress of planning a wedding.  The great thing is most places you register at have set up a special time just for registrants to be in the store.  They have experts to answer questions on certain appliances, cookware even china.  Our first stop was Williams Sonoma, a store I should never be allowed in alone, much less with scanner gun. 


They had a beautiful light breakfast of fresh fruit and scones waiting for us, so we jumped in while waiting for the other couples to arrive.  Well, it was just our luck that the other 3 couples who signed up for this (free) event didn’t show up.  AJ and I had the entire store to ourselves!  Can’t you just imagine my evil little laugh as I rush off towards the pots and pans?

I even let AJ get in on the fun.

It was a great day, that’s for sure.  I love all of the little things they do to take care of the registrants.  Just yesterday, we got a letter from Diane, our registry consultant, reminding us to fill out a couple of forms so that we could take advantage of a few giveaways All Clad and Wustholf were offering just for registering for them .

On our second registering outing we brought another couple with us.  Kristen and Duke generously gave up a Sunday morning to join us at Crate and Barrel for one of their “Wedding Parties”. 

Okay, you see right there? In our hands?  That’s why AJ and Duke were so excited for this registry event.  Those are mimosas.  They were feeding us and giving us booze.  Yup, it was Spring Break in Crate and Barrel.

See the boys huddled near the pitcher? 

Our first scan of the day!

We had a great time all day, Duke and Kristen were great helping us to figure out what we needed and what was just fluff and filler.  Unbeknownst to us, they were also there for another reason.  The dreaded “registry argument” that every couple inevitably have.  Let me walk you through these next few photos.

AJ: “I like these plates”

Dana: “But I like these plates”

Dana: “Why don’t we pick something completely different so that way we both win?”

AJ: “But I like these plates”

So went the Great Plate Debate of ’09.  You will notice in checking our registry that our plates are not from Crate and Barrel at all. So came our first lesson in marital compromise. 

The rest of the day went off without a hitch.  AJ found an “old man chair” which he claimed as his own.

The guy who never wanted to grow up has now decided to be an old man. I know, I don’t understand it either.

Thanks for joining us!

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