Off on the honeymoon!

Well, the wedding is over. We mDe it through. AJ cried sooooo much! Who knew I would be the one to keep it together? We are sitting at LAX, waiting to board our flight to Charles DeGaul. Yup. Off to Paris we go!
We spent two wonderful, relaxing nights at the Grand Californian hotel. If you ever get the chance, stay there. The staff is Disney helpful and friendly and the rooms are spacious and beautiful. Plus, we can walk right into California Adventure from our hotel. How cool is that? We spent a lazy Sunday by the pool and even made it into the park for a couple of rides. AJ and I stopped to get our “just married” buttons at City Hall and our Mickey and Minnie top hat and veil at The Mad Hatter. It was a great start to what looks to be an amazing honeymoon. Hopefully we will get free wi-fi as we continue our trip so we can share some of our adventures with you. Talk to you all soon, or as they say in Paris, au revoir!

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