The Wedding Party

Amazingly, we have friends. I know weird.  Even weirder?  They are willing to stand up with us in front of God and everybody while we declare our love for each other.  So, in no particular order, our wedding party!

The Girls

 Duffi Finnegan Crowson      matron of honor

Duffi and I met way too many years ago at OCC, Orange Coast College for you non-OC people. She was the goalie and I played field for their very first ever womans water polo team. Although we are very different, we both have a wacky sense of humor and go off on tangents. There was one night we entertained ourselves with the thought of a talking tequila worm and I swear there was no tequila, or any other alcohol involved. This picture is right after AJ proposed. We stopped jumping up and down long enough for AJ to take a picture.

Jennifer Duckworth             bridesmaid/sister of the bride

Jennifer is my little sister.  She is almost exactly 2 1/2 years younger than I am and always a few steps ahead. She loves art, animals and my adorable nephew Sawyer.

Kristen Mokhlessin  bridesmaid

 Kristen and I became friends because of a mutual understanding.  Her husband is AJ’s twin.  Scary, I know.  There is another one walking around.  We used to make fun of them for dressing the same without trying until we took sewing classes and ended up picking out the same fabrics and were no where near each other. 

Heather Malk  bridesmaid

I met Heather through Kristen and her husband.  Heather is and amazing artist and a ton of fun!  You should see last years Halloween costume.  That girl had Flo from the Progressive commercials down pat. I asked Heather to be a bridesmaid because she, like all these girls, amazing and there for me when I need her.

Rachel Whitehill   bridesmaid/cousin of the bride

Rachel is like a little sister to me.  I grew up with all of my cousins nearby and I can actually say I used to babysit Rachel.  Ever since she was a about 5, she would always ask me. “DayDay, when you get married can I be a bridesmaid?”  Well, here we are 17 years later and I can finally say yes you can!  She is soo going to kill me for this picture, but it definitely fits her personality to a t!

Sabrina Cuaron  bridesmaid

I met Sabrina 4 years ago when we started working together.  She has become a great friend and is always there for me.  She understands my freak outs “Sharing a bank account!  But I don’t want to lose my independence!” And helps talk me through them (or down from them – however you want to look at it).  She also helped me become more involved in church again.  We always joke that we are going to be old church ladies, gossiping together one day.

The Boys

gentlemen, please excuse the short intros.  I will have AJ write something a little better soon!

Jake Stavana   best man/brother of the groom

Because AJ has not been helping me with the blog, I get to pick out the pictures used and this one just screamed AJ and Jake.  The two of them have such a great relationship and I couldn’t imagine anyone else as the best man.






Nick Mokhlessin  groomsman

Remember that guy I was talking about above?  AJ’s twin?  Well, meet Nick, aka “Duke”.  We met Duke when AJ and I decided to take up outrigger canoeing.  Duke had the same idea and it was love at first sight.  They go together like peas and carrots.





Matt Rinker   groomsman

Rinker and AJ have been friends for longer than the two of them can remember.  They have been riding dirt bikes together and just causing general panic through Southern California for most of their friendship. 








Mike King   groomsman

Mike is another old friend of AJ’s.  They went to high school together and from what I can tell, they too caused general havoc throughout Orange County.






Matthew Schaeffer   groomsman/brother of the bride

Matthew is my little brother.  Oh, wait, he doesn’t like when I say that because he isn’t “littler” than me anymore.  This is my baby brother.  Matt and Rachel are the same ag,so yes, I babysat him as well.  For some reason he loves AJ.  He even joined the same fraternity so they could be “brothers”.  The two of them are trouble out on the town together.




Manny Malk   groomsman

AJ and Manny met through Duke.  Duke and Manny have been friends for a while and well, lets just say good people tend to hang out together.  Manny is a good hard working and fun guy.  Added bonus?  He is an amazing cook, we love going to dinner at the Malks because we know it will always be amazing!


One Response to The Wedding Party

  1. Jack says:

    What a pretty pretty pretty looking group of girls.!!!!

    What a dangerous looking group of guys !

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